How Do CFLs Work?


CFLs produce light differently than incandescent bulbs. In an incandescent, electric current runs through a wire filament and heats the filament until it starts to glow. In a CFL, an electric current is driven through a tube containing argon and a small amount of mercury vapor. This generates invisible ultraviolet […]

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LED Replacement Lamps


Our range of LED Bulbs give you the versatility to swap over most traditional halogen, incandescent and compact florescent bulbs within your place of work or home. Drastically reducing your power consumption, payback is normally within 6 months and the life of the product can be as much as X […]

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LED Panel Lights


Our next generation Panel lights are our most versatile product, allowing you to specify not only the dimensions but also lumin output and colour temperature. All utilising side emitting technology and high performance drivers, they produce a high output light whilst creating no glare, offering a comfortable and non-suppressive working […]

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Product and Service Innovation

9-2-2015 10-19-01

Every company, in every industry, needs an innovation strategy — whether it be high-tech product innovation, packaging innovation in consumer goods, or process innovation at financial services companies. Now more than ever, innovation is key to growth, to acquiring and sustaining competitive advantage, and to building shareholder value for the […]

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Five questions to shape a winning 3D printing strategy

9-6-2015 12-59-06

Additive manufacturing (AM) has finally moved beyond academia and hobbyists’ workshops to take hold in corporate settings. Although AM, also known as 3-D printing, accounts for slightly more than 0.3% of the $10 trillion-plus global manufacturing market, companies ranging from dental implant makers and automotive manufacturers to aerospace and defense […]

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Technology companies face daunting and sometimes contradictory challenges. On one hand, new markets and competitors continue to emerge, driven by innovation around seven general themes: IT architecture shifts Emergence of new computing and communication platforms Pure technical innovation New business models Emergence of new ways to communicate “Accessory” opportunities created […]

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Consumer Products

9-1-2015 11-16-54

Consumer products companies face new challenges created by complex consumer and shopper behavior, retail consolidation and emerging markets. But these same challenges also open new routes to profitable growth. RGV has helped to increase profits and build sustained value for leading consumer product companies worldwide. What we do ? Design […]

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How Total Quality Management works ?

9-1-2015 10-52-27

In order to succeed, TQM programs require managers to: Assess customer requirements Understand present and future customer needs Design products and services that cost-effectively meet or exceed those needs Deliver quality Identify the key problem areas in the process and work on them until they approach zero-defect levels Train employees […]

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