September 25, 2015

How Do I Get the Most from my CFLs?

Do the twist.

Screw in your CFL by holding the ballast (the white plastic part), NOT the glass tubing.



Don’t flip too fast.

You’ll maximize the lifetime savings and effectiveness of your CFLs by keeping them on for 15 minutes or more at a time.



Choose 3 for 3.

Only use bulbs labeled as three-way on three-way sockets.



Don’t dim a non-dimmable.

Only use bulbs labeled as dimmable on dimmer switches.



Check your controls.

Most photocells, motion sensors and electric timers are not designed to work with CFLs. Always check with the manufacturer of the control for compatibility.



Give them air.

CFLs are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so place your CFLs in open fixtures indoors. Using them in enclosed fixtures indoors can create a hot environment that reduces the lifetime of your bulbs. Note that covered reflectors are best used in recessed cans.



Protect them outside.

Protect bulbs from the elements by placing them inside enclosed fixtures outdoors. For colder climates, look at the packaging for optimal operating temperatures.



September 25, 2015